Home Selling Tips

Lots of details affect the selling speed and price of your home.
Here's a short list of specific items to help you get the highest price for your home.


Start with the Curb Appeal


​Look at your home the way an outsider would. The street view is important. Most people won't have the vision that "it could be cleaned up" and will focus on the homes well-groomed from the outside.


  • Clean and paint the outside of your home.

  • Make sure the yard and bushes are well-trimmed. Remove sick or dying plants.

  • Weed and freshly mulch beds.

  • Make driveway repairs if needed.


Unclutter your living areas and closets


Clutter not only makes the house unattractive but it also makes rooms and storage areas look smaller. Invest in a storage unit for a short period of time. If rooms look cluttered, remove some of the furniture, as well.

  • Make rooms seem spacious and airy.

  • Make closets and cabinets seem 2/3 full.

  • Neaten contents of your closets.


Clean and freshen up everything

Dirty houses equate to fixer-uppers for the average buyer and that results in low purchase bids. It's better to give people the impression that the house is move-in ready (even if they will want to replace the rugs and repaint). Clean will look closer to new and that's the ultimate impression you want to give potential buyers: that the home is nearly new (as opposed to used).

  • Touch up wall paint or if needed, repaint rooms. You want the house to show its best.

  • Professionally clean the rugs and polish or carefully wood floors.

  • Wash the windows (inside and out) and the window coverings.

  • Touch up and clean kitchen cabinets to look like new 

Don't attend showings and open houses for your own home


Selling a home is often an emotional event for the seller. You'll tend to want to talk about topics which are important to you but not the seller. Realtors are experts at quickly learning the important buying factors and adjusting the presentation. Let us do what we do best.